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Posted by / 03-Nov-2019 05:20

2142 leaderboard not updating

Two years ago EA shut down the servers for Battlefield 2142, so there's no official way to play the future shooter these days.

This fan revival sees it live once again, with fully functioning leaderboards, in-game ranks and working servers.

Well I can tell you why you don't have the option to "Find Me" on the overall GS leaderboard: you simply aren't on it Normally this is caused by having your privacy settings enabled (whether on purpose or as an XBL/TA Scanner hiccup that is ill-timed), but the fact you do appear on the Action-Adventure GS leaderboard (where your button does appear) would seem to indicate that your settings were not private at the time, so why you are appearing on one leaderboard but not the more specific leaderboard I don't know.I really dunno what this is about,t hey also don't give any details.What mainly pisses ppl off is how Eric handled it last time, he just said, leaderboards are update, let me know if they are not updating. none of the information on the FP leaderboards is being updated over the last 24 hours or so. or is it available on anywhere so it can be viewed from outside of the game, ie at work? Nope not just for you, logged on this morning to find that it had updated after i logged off last night. update: i believe this may have started after switching units. 2nd question: is there an api for the leaderboards?

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I've killed skeletron once, Eye of Cthulo about 3-5 times and eater of worlds 3 times, and I've made thousdands of platforms, chairs etc, but the leaderboard says nothing?