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We’ve identified some of the online learning activities which may be particularly appealing for the learning types identified.Honey and Mumford (1982) identified four learning types associated with Kolb’s modes in the learning cycle: These might be considered approaches to learning.“ Honey and Mumford identified four styles of learning ('activist', 'reflector', 'theorist', and 'pragmatist') which had much in common with Kolb's work and had strong correlations with the learning cycle.My colleague and I completed the questionnaire and the scoring to identify our learning styles (appendix 2).These include your values and cultural influences, the values of the institution and the learning community created by the instructor, your peers and your support network. It’s just that the activities you engage in with your online class may be different.In the diagram above, we have also incorporated Honey and Mumford’s learning types associated with Kolb’s model.

We have expanded on it to include some of the “big picture” influences that are important in the learning process.

Introduction The Western Trust's vision is "To provide high quality patient and client-focused Health and Social Care services through well trained staff with high morale" They hope to achieve this by developing growth and development of staff.

With this in mind this assignment discusses how to develop yourself and others when a front line manager.

They enjoy observing others and will listen to their views before offering their own.

Observation skills are listed on personnel specification for care assistant (appendix 4).

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This is a living document that considers potential barriers and how they can be overcome.

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