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a song I believe was originally sung by the Beach Boys? The version I'm referring to with this song is the cover by John Pizzarelli, an amazing jazz singer who is unbelievable. But I do remember that he was the person who introduced me to a great deal of things in the world of knowledge, mainly music and books.When I was living at my dad's house, I was a lonely kid. We would talk about things most teenagers didn't care about.These results suggest that comparing the intricate physiological and emotional strata of the female sex drive with the blunt male urge to 'Just do it' is like comparing a tin opener with the Large Hadron Collider.For six years, the duo has riffed on the news–everything from the headlines of the day, to the crazy stories that get Black folks talking.On my user form I need to use next and previous button to display each rows data.Text End Sub Private Sub cmd Clear_Click() txt Fname.Chat Room Chatter invites teens to settle in with Justin to hear down-to-earth, honest answers to questions like: Does my music really matter to God? These sometimes serious, often wacky, and always relevant answers are just what today's savvy teens want.

I spent most of my time in chat rooms responding to the constant barrage of "ASL? " (Which, in text speak, means "age, sex, location...") One day, I decided to sign up for this silly "meet friends" website which more of a teen dating site in disguise. The point of the story is that through a series of stupidly ignorant decisions (hindsight is 20/20 though in this case nothing bad happened) I met this guy named Chris. He would use these funny voices to imitate the characters and his sarcastic interpretation of already sarcastic material would make me laugh constantly.

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That was one of the single best decisions of my life--if a bit stupid. We seldom talked about intimate things but I do remember the rare converstaion where we talked about how much we wished we could meet. But there was another reason this internet miracle was memorable to me. Chris would send me music clips and albums and discographies.

But I would rank that choice in the top five best things I have ever done that have resulted in huge changes in my life. Chris was the person who introduced me to Radiohead. He sent me Modest Mouse and Radiohead and of course, John Pizzarelli.

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I enjoy walks along a trail, bike riding enjoying a night out for dinner and a movie, on a lake for a little kayaking miniature golf,...

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