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Alan wissmiller normal il dating

Many collector guides with good quality images and/or illustrations can be of use in helping determine what type of a bottle - or bottle fragment - one has.Unfortunately, the majority of the publications listed on this page are out of print but may be found at larger libraries.

This section was well presented and is a must-read for anyone researching beer bottles.

This book is available online via Google Books at this URL: A reprint of this useful bottle catalog is found in Pyne Press, 1972. Reprinted 1970 by Pacific Grove Press, Pacific Grove, CA. company, though specializing in druggist & perfume bottles, sold a wide array of all types of bottles, though not nearly as deep an inventory as Illinois Glass Company. This small publication notes that it is "Reprinted from Ceramic Industry - (the) leading glass publication dealing with the everyday practical problems of the glass industry's executives and operating men." This is an excellent publication on the various "faults" or problems encountered in the machine manufacture of primarily bottles set up as a "cause" (the problem) and the "cure" (the solution[s]). Staten Island) dominated by primarily aqua/colorless soda, beer and some druggist bottles. Canaviax Publications Ltd., Stouffville, Ontario, Canada. Very well done book on the subject with company histories of soda companies that produced of hundreds bottles (glass & ceramic) and nice b&w photos.

id=tdf8na3fq NUC&printsec=frontcover&dq=The Great American Fraud. This bottle manufacturing company was located in Hulton, PA. Excellent reference, though this reprint is very hard to find.. Designates the Owens AR Bottle Machine As An International Historic Engineering Landmark. There is some interesting general historical information although little specific to the illustrated bottles.. An excellent source of reliable information on the dating of Canadian soda bottles styles and manufacturing related diagnostic features. A good reference on beer and beer bottles catalyzed by the excavation noted in the title.

This is surprising given that date derived from bottles and jars pertain to a wide range of studies, including chronological control, trade, site functions, and methods of manufacture.

Closures are an integral part of these studies, becoming particularly important after a spectacular variety of metal and glass caps in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. This smallish but copiously illustrated book is actually a good "field guide" for dating historic bottles using very well done illustrations and charts.

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The final section consisted of unnumbered pages with drawings of bottle shapes, finishes, and manufacturers marks. It has exceptional historical information on all of the major producers in one of the most significant 19th and 20th century glass making regions.

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