Alexander skarsgard and evan rachel wood dating

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She is currently famous for her role in the new drama series West World which is showing on HBO in the United States.

Evan Rachel Wood and Zach Villa met during a cabaret performance in 2015 in which they performed together.

Evan Rachel Wood is currently engaged to her boyfriend, 29 year old Zach Villa.

Know more about her dating and relationship with Jamie Bell, Marilyn Manson and Katherine Moennig.

Evan had a complicated relationship with British actor and dancer Jamie Bell.

Evan Rachel Wood and Alexander Skarsgard are more than co-stars, if you believe the gossip queen known as Perez Hilton, who cites a "reliable" source.

Evan Rachel Wood dated Katherine Moennig who is an actress and a model in October 2014. The first speculations about their dating relationship began when they were flirting shamelessly on twitter.

They however began making public appearances together and were seen going on dates to famous Hollywood spots and restaurants.

The relationship sadly ended a year after and Evan mentioned during an interview that she thought that their relationship will last forever as they were in love, but she doesn’t regret the tattoo because it reminded her of ‘a great, great period in my life’.

They eventually got back together in 2011, five years after they ended their relationship and shortly after Evan Rachel Wood disclosed to the press and social media that she was bisexual.

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They met on set and kept their relationship discreet, avoiding public appearances and enjoying their relationship on a low key. He has has been linked with many beautiful actress.

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