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America 100 sex hook up

Someone should ask Trey Gowdy why the FBI hid their investigative witch hunt into the Trump team from congressional oversight for 8 months while leaking to the press if, as Gowdy said, the FBI “was doing what we would want them to do.” Don’t be fooled folks. I admire her at least for doing what she said she would.

Who would’ve ever thought that our President saying its wrong not to stand for our anthem would incur such hatred? Too many have sacrificed all to insure our way of life. If all the others would go too, they would then all learn the lesson they should have as children. America is the greatest country on our planet The world is changing before our eyes.

But I just received the two greatest honors of my life: 1) Infowars just offered me a slot, and I of course accepted. There really isn’t another explanation I can think of. Roseanne makes an insensitive joke, liberals completely lose their minds.

Busta Rhymes dedicates an entire 2017 Grammy’s performance to attacking Trump’s orange skin tone, liberals applaud him for his courage. #maga If Barack and Michelle Obama cared about Chicago and the African American community, he would be taking some of his new found wealth and investing it in their future. ABC has just canceled “Roseanne” due to her comments on Twitter that don’t align with their “values.” This is coming from the same hypocritical network that allows shows like The View & Jimmy Kimmel to spew their hateful rhetoric.

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Americans are growing very tired of media *purposely* conflating the two to incite hate. THE BLUMENTHAL WHO LIED ABOUT HIS VIETNAM MILITARY EXPEIERANCE AND "WAS NEVER THERE" Lying POS Like All Democrats Lie Cheat & Steal...

#The Brooks Brown Mayor de Blasio was late to the Memorial Day Parade. If you're a Democrat, and you're watching this Trump rally, you have got to be TERRIFIED of the 2018 elections! It’s that refusal by hatred that seriously divides us.

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Nur weil du unterwegs bist bedeutet das nicht, dass du den ganzen Spaß verpassen musst.

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