Aol message boards dating younger older

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Aol message boards dating younger older

Patent US 6750881 B1 "User definable on-line co-user lists" was born, a.k.a, the buddy list. You didn't have to check whether somebody was on, but it told you," Appelman said.

The seeds of AIM began within AOL and the mind of Barry Appelman.In another life, before a disastrous acquisition of Time Warner, it brought the Internet into the homes of Americans and controlled the program that popularized online messaging without ever really meaning to.It would be easier to call AIM ahead of its time if it had not become so wildly popular almost immediately after its launch.Harris had been a programmer at a small web browser company purchased by AOL.But together with a group of other engineers they helped take AIM from inception to dominance, then watched it fall into dormancy, unable to convince AOL management that free was the future.

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But if AIM was to be a standalone program, it needed to run off some equipment.

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