Are andy and erin dating on the office

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The plot line is seemingly glossed over until you see one of the deleted scenes, where over the phone, David Wallace rips Ryan a new one while Michael pleads to keep him. because it’s relatable; we’ve all worked with a Creed, Meredith, Oscar, and Kevin, and have done our best to leave some of them far out of our memory when we hit the punch clock.In earlier seasons of Later in the series, this rule was broken, as mostly everyone seemed to attend everyone else’s functions, including Andy’s musical and the baptism of Jim and Pam’s child Cece.We later find out that her stellar athleticism is a major plotline in eventually finding out about her pregnancy.When Pam twists her ankle, Team Corporate tells her to immediately get it examined, where she’s then given the precautionary pre-X-Ray pregnancy test, and viola, you’ve got your exclamation point on Season 5.In Season 8, when Dwight organizes a family portrait day—one where The writers probably swept him under the rug in lieu of storylines about the true paternity of Angela's baby and the affair between the senator and Oscar.It might have been interesting though to see an episode or two of Angela as a stepmother.Robert was joined by his young son, and through a flirtatiously friendly conversation revealed that his wife had passed away.

always gave the believable appearance of a documentary taking place at a paper company in Scranton.

The wobbly handheld camera shots in front of a green screen—made to look like a garbage dump—feel so phony it’s difficult to pay attention to the dialogue.

9.) Ryan’s Re-Hire Michael has some managerial pull, but hiring Ryan back as a temp after he was arrested for fraud and costing Dunder Mifflin a considerable amount of money in legal fees, not to mention all the bad press—including an embarrassing video—is not believable…at all.

Jim and Pam spent many years coming up with excuses why they couldn’t hang out with Michael outside of work, so it wouldn’t make much sense to have him present at their wedding rehearsal dinner where toasts are always welcomed and the revelation of Pam’s secret pregnancy is at stake.

I should also point out that gifts are usually collected at the wedding reception, not the ceremony, like they were in this episode, which I’m sure was done to expedite some extra gags.

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Because the picture has become so iconic, not to mention marking a very sweet moment between Pam and Michael, I'm assuming the writers opted to pretend Erin's screw-up never happened.

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