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Are draco malfoy and pansy parkinson dating

” “What do you mean, you might not be at Hogwarts next year?” said Pansy indignantly, ceasing grooming Malfoy at once.” “I wouldn’t touch a filthy little blood traitor like her whatever she looked like,” said Zabini coldly, and Pansy looked pleased. Just some stupid teacher.” Malfoy yawned ostentatiously.Malfoy sank back across her lap and allowed her to resume the stroking of his hair. “I mean, I might not even be at Hogwarts next year, what’s it matter to me if some fat old has-been likes me or not?But they must have parted ways because Draco ended up marrying Astoria Greengrass, the younger sister of Draco's classmate, Daphene Greengrass.It is unknown who Pansy married or even if she married at all.“Do you find,” said Professor Umbridge in a ringing voice to Pansy Parkinson, “that you are able to understand Professor Hagrid when he talks? …”— someone else called Belby from Ravenclaw —” “Not him, he’s a prat! …”Potter, precious Potter, obviously he wanted a look at ‘the Chosen One,‘” sneered Malfoy, “but that Weasley girl! ” “A lot of boys like her,” said Pansy, watching Malfoy out of the corner of her eyes for a reaction.” Just like Hermione, Pansy had tears in her eyes, but these were tears of laughter; indeed, her answer was almost incoherent because she was trying to suppress her giggles. “Even you think she’s good looking, don’t you, Blaise, and we all know how hard you are to please!

She thinks their badges, which change from the message supporting Cedric Diggory to proclaim POTTER STINKS when pressed, are very funny and joins in the students laughing at Harry.

“Well, you never know,” said Malfoy with the ghost of a smirk.

“I might have — er — moved on to bigger and better things.” …Pansy resumed the slow stroking of Malfoy’s hair, looking dumbfounded.

Pansy ran into the Room of Requirement at Umbridge's request to see if the students had left anything behind, and found the list of names that was pinned on the wall, giving it to the professor as evidence.

"My father told me all the Weasleys have red hair, freckles, and more children than they can afford." / "You'll soon find out some wizarding families are much better than others, Potter.

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” said Pansy Parkinson, who was in tears.” “I’m going to see if he’s okay! ” A group of Slytherins came up the steps from their dungeon common room.

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