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Arkansas dating laws

'Most of the people that we run across, they've got either a drug problem or there's some other reason why they've done something like that. I hope I did better.'I hope over time you could learn who I really am and I am not a monster.

There was a reason why those things happened that day. Try to understand I love you like my child.'Jones also gave a handwritten statement to his attorney to be read, which was titled at the top, 'Statement of Jack Jones.''I want people to know that when I came to prison I made up my mind that I would be a better person when I left than when I came in,' it read.'I had no doubt in my mind that I would make every effort to do this.

Officials turned off the microphone inside the execution chamber and the lethal injection began.

In a letter earlier this month, Jones said he was ready to be killed by the state.'I forgive my executioners; somebody has to do it,' wrote Jones, who had a leg amputated in prison because of diabetes and uses a wheelchair.He strangled the mother with the cord to a coffee pot.The murder was first called in as a double-homicide, as recalled by the three men who helped put Jones on death row, according to THV11.'If Lacy had not survived and if Lacy had actually died as Jack Jones, Jr told us he thought he'd done, I'm not sure we would have caught [him],' Chris Raff, the former prosecutor for the 17th Judicial District said.'It's amazing that Lacy survived it, but she was key.' Bill Lindsey, who at the time was photographing the crime scene, is the one who noticed Lacy was still alive.The official opened Jones' eyelids and moved his head to check consciousness.7.12pm The official rubbed Jones' sternum.There was no visible movement from Jones.7.13pm No visible movement from Jones.7.17pm The official opened Jones' eyelids again and touched his sternum.7.18pm The official took off his headset and placed a stethoscope on Jones' chest.7.19pm A man, believed to be a coroner, placed a stethoscope on Jones' chest.7.20pm Jones was declared dead.

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Execution procedures started at 10.19pm and he was pronounced dead 14 minutes later.