Bipolar dating site

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Bipolar dating site

My close friends shared with me how jacked up our relationship actually was after we broke up, of course. I could see two bipolar people being a train wreck also.

I guess from the outside looking in it was a little off the hinges, but to her and I it seemed normal! I could see two bipolar people being a great team keeping each other in check...being PRODUCTIVE and safe "partners in crime"...

My therapist talked about 8 or 10 different advantages we have.

I think the best relationship would be someone who isn't bi-polar but can love you for who you are. It was immediately the most passionate relationship I've ever had.

I actually dated a girl who was diagnosed bipolar type II - I'm type I. I have to admit, it was a pretty good relationship because we both understood each other and knew how to handle each other and situations and when to just leave things alone. and spend our life savings on a crack-pot idea that sounds good in the excitement of mania. I haven't had a relationship last more than 9 months since her over 5 years ago!! Honestly, I don't know how it would work or how long two bipolars could be together... I for one would like to date someone who IS NOT bipolar, but understands my mental disorder and can handle it. I've thought about this question myself very much, but have come to conclude that it's too simple of a question. I think that what makes us all as humans, bipolar or not, is how dynamic and different we all are. sometimes the things that we have in common can make it harder to relate. It's not like we are each a pair of dice that add up to a number that makes you who you are - me for instance a 5... Sorry, the site you requested is not currently being served by Luminate.

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For People With Bipolar Disorder: Explain Things at the Very Beginning The best way for people with bipolar disorder to keep their relationship from experiences more rocky times that necessary is to make it clear up front the nature of one’s condition and clearly explain it to a new partner.

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