Birthday gift dating

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Birthday gift dating

Your boyfriend’s birthday is just around the corner, and you have no idea what to get him.

Should you go with something sweet and romantic, or something cutting-edge and totally unexpected?

Price: .95 and up, depending on size and color selected If you’re looking for a really nice gift for a serious boyfriend, a high-end smartwatch is a great choice.

This sporty version of the Moto 360 has a great interface, and comes in multiple colors.

The built-in Heat Gear sweatband wicks away sweat, which helps to keep sweat out of his eyes while he’s at work or play. Browse MLB ball cap styles here, or take a look at some cool men’s fedoras on sale.

This heartfelt shirt might be a little cheesy, but it’s still an awesome and inexpensive gift.

Want to get him a shirt that matches his interests?

If you’re not sure about this exact model, get more ideas from our guide to the best smartwatches.

Price: 9.99, depending on color selected Need a cheap gift?

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Looking for more gift ideas for the intrepid traveler in your life?

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