Blogspot rss feed not updating

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Blogspot rss feed not updating

Login to Blogger, go to Settings Summary Burner and make sure it is deactivated.

Delay is Normal Typically, a delay between when you publish a post and when the post appears on the Blogger Dashboard is normal, especially if you have changed from to a custom domain.

It’s a Feed issue with Blogger and Feedburner and will hopefully be fixed soon.

Until then all we can do is be patient, your feeds will update after a few hours.

But provided the blog is still producing an RSS feed, it is still possible to find the feed address even if the blogger has not provided an icon for it on his/her site.

Every Blogger template produced by Google (or at least every one that I've seen) has a Subscribe to Posts (Atom) link at the bottom of the screen.

Every blog and website already has an feed including Blogs, Websites, Twitter, Youtube, etc. Most people choose to redirect theirs to Feedburner in order to get stats and use other features such as email subscriptions. Login and you will see “Burn a Feed Right This Instant”, enter your feed which on Blogger should look something like Post Feed Redirect URL and paste the new Feedburner address.

The easiest way to get the blog's (atom) RSS feed address is to right-click on this link and copy the link-location.

But some blog-authors have removed the Subscribe to Post link and in these cases you need to use another option.

Which one to use, and how/where to use it depends on where you want to put the subscription.

For example, I've just done this to subscribe to a blog in Google reader: Removing the Subscribe to Post (Atom) link.

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If your blog posts or images aren’t showing up on Bloglovin’, it could also be a problem with your RSS Feed.

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