Boy meets girl still dating dad

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" as Shawn follows Hilary to the other side of school and Cory walks in after Topanga inside Feeny's class.

Boy Meets Girl takes an honest and straightforward look at dating relationships and the challenges they bring.

The next day, Cory decides to help his mom with the laundry, as Mother's Day is approaching.

Amy: Well, Cory doesn't appear to be suffering like you did. I overheard him telling Shawn that he couldn't play basketball today because he was going out with Topanga. However, he dodges the chance to explain to Topanga, and instead fakes sick.

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He talks to Topanga at school on Monday, telling her it was not a date, but thanks her for her help in writing Amy a poem for Mothers Day.

Although initially put off by her unusual references to astrology, Cory makes a date for a lunch at IHOS.

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Feeling sorry for him, she came to bring him bancha tea to help him feel better.

While goofing around throwing clothes into the laundry basket, he answers the door to see Topanga.

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