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Carbon dating christian

(By Charles Chiniquy) Resolving the Passover Controversy Stanford Beattie presents clear evidence that the Passover was correctly sacrificed in the late afternoon of the 14th of Abib, rather than at the start of the 14th as some believe. - This document is a reprint of four articles originally published in the Catholic Mirror over one hundred years ago.

In the articles, the Catholic Church shows that there is no scriptural basis for accepting the first day of the week as the Christian Sabbath.

Truth on the Web - Brian Hoeck's site has many useful resources, including links to online Bibles, books and software.

Answering Islam - This British website helps Christians understand the Moslem religion and also helps Moslems to get a clearer knowledge of Christianity.

Ellen White Exposed - This well-organised site maintains documents which clearly show that Ellen White can not be a Prophet of God. Christian Biblical Church of God - Has many useful and accurate resources. Steve Bruns Home Page - Steve provides access to many interesting articles, including God's Holy Days and Calendar.

United Church of God homepage - Site contains the full text of several excellent booklets and numerous articles from their "Good News" magazine. Different way of getting there, but similar to our conclusions on the IDL.

The site challenges the deceptions of Islam and responds to their distortions of Christianity.

Though they are classic Protestants, most of their material is excellent.

Though I think Vox has understated the viciousness of Roman Catholicism, his central arguments still stand.Online Bible for Windows is a high quality Bible Search and Study program which is produced by Larry Pierce of Canada on a Freeware Basis. Modules available for downloading include the Authorised King James version bible text, Strong's Lexicon, Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary, Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, Online Bible Topics, the Greek Textus Receptus and the Hebrew Biblia Hebraica.It can be purchased, at minimal cost, on CD-ROM or the most popular sections of the program can be downloaded from Online Bible Ministries at The Online Bible for Smartphones and the Online Bible for Macs is also available. An honest look at abortion and its effects on the mother and baby.The Moedim of Yahweh New Covenant Church of God- Messianic church which places the IDL east of Jerusalem. by Peter Harbison Although one of the last corners of Europe to have been settled by man, Ireland is particularly rich in prehistoric remains.

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Answers in Genesis Presents material supporting Biblical Creation. The Meridian Date - Jewish Encyclopedia reference to the IDL. A Traveler's Guide To The International Dateline Rabbi Dovid Heber. Thanks to my son Tim, who has helped me set up this WEB site.

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