Cena mickie james dating

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Cena mickie james dating

In the wake of the news that John Cena broke off his engagement with Nikki Bella this week, we thought it was time to look at who's loyal to Cena and who hates him. He is also the most entertaining and knows that playing a character is the best way to incite a reaction, which is why John turned into a rapper from 2002-2004, and is now playing the role of a goody-two-shoes to attract even more fans, including kids, who love him. For example, he has taken newbies under his wing and showed them the way, both in and outside the ring and he has made a lot of money for WWE, particularly in selling a lot of merchandise. Cena has been the public face of WWE for almost two decades--he is currently a free agent for WWE who appears for both the Raw and Smack Down brands--and industry veterans have called Cena the greatest WWE star of all time as he has won 25 championships, with 16 reigns as a world champion.But while John is good friends to many wrestlers, there are many haters out there as well.Cena has done some questionable things, but the reason why some wrestlers aren't fans of his is mostly due to the fact that Cena is so successful.

But what he really wants to do is to get his audience divided.

It was in his personal life that they butted heads.

Dykstra supposedly hates Cena because of several things he did to him.

He called me an idiot, and asked me if I enjoyed working here. He told me, 'find another finisher or you're fired.' I was humiliated, I was a full-grown man, why can't we talk about this like human beings?

" (Source: Wrestling Forum) Chris Jericho has supported John Cena from his first day on the main roster.

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