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Bovill added: “We started with the original, iconic Lambie Nairn 4 logo and broke it down into its constituent parts; the nine blocks.

The blocks represent Channel 4’s incredibly diverse qualities.

If Mr Boyle had a tenth of his courage and decency he would know that to suggest, let alone think funny, that Harvey may sexually attack me is vile and deeply unfair.''Mr Boyle clearly has serious issues and those that give him a TV platform to say such disgusting things need to look at themselves very honestly.'To bully this unbelievably brave child is despicable, to broadcast it on television is to show a complete and utter lack of judgment.

I have asked my lawyers to write to Channel 4 on Harvey’s behalf.'Katie told Mail Online that so far her request for an apology over the 'vicious' comments have been 'dismissed' and that she had received the same statement that the Mail Online had received.

The middle column shows which region(s) manual tuning is needed as, for example, many channels are available on the EPG in the UK but not Ireland.

“They are free to flow through everything on the channel: our typeface, on-screen menus, on-screen graphics, off-air logo, Channel 4 News, Channel 4 Racing, all the way through to the idents.” Glazer crafted four abstract films, featuring monkeys and giant bugs, imagining the original 4’s blocks as elemental forms, found within the earth. A keen-eyed viewer identified “tiny fragments of the logo visible in the ident sequences.” Bovill said: “The idents present the blocks as kryptonite-like. It’s been an incredible honour to work on such a loved brand, a brand very close to our hearts.

Disability charities and an MP have demanded the Government take action after the the Channel 4 Dispatches show The Great Benefits Row suggested the private company Capita rushes tests for benefits - with its employees making up to £20,000 a month in incentives.

One assessor, whose job was to treat disabled people "sensitively", was filmed saying a claimant had a “disability known as being fat, she asks for help to wipe her arse because she’s too f**king fat to do it herself”.

One worker said he sometimes completed assessment forms before even meeting claimants.

A Capita trainer was recorded saying that the mental health assessment - a third of claimants have mental health issues - is a "very, very shallow assessment… Dispatches sent Noel Finn, a psychiatric nurse, undercover as a trainee disability assessor at Captia, to see how the PIP assessments are conducted.

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They tell the story of their origin and how they have a powerful impact on the world around them. Hopefully we haven’t let the viewers down.” Creative Review said Glazer’s idents were “abstract enough to potentially leave viewers, especially those more used to the obvious approach of most TV channel branding, scratching their heads and wondering what on earth is going on.” But the journal welcomed a “bold and exciting” rebranding exercise which was “dynamic and at times a little bit bonkers.” The result of three year’s work by its brightest creative brains, Channel 4 said its refreshed identity reflected a “public service remit focussed on innovation, diversity and taking creative risks.” The full 4 will be retained for Channel 4’s off-air promotion, which will incorporate a new typeface created by the graphic designer Neville Brody.

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