Characteristics healthy dating relationship

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Characteristics healthy dating relationship

A good relationship helps us to meet our needs and give to others and makes us feel fulfilled.

It is based on the belief that both partners are equal, and that as a team, they can achieve their goals.

Both sides need to be willing to listen, but also must give what the other needs, whether that's empathy, love, a pep talk or even a harsh truth.

This support builds trust; both parties are more willing to open themselves up to the relationship because they feel safe.

This does not necessarily mean earning an equal amount of money, since other contributions such as child-rearing as a stay-at-home parent also contribute to the overall well-being of a functioning household.

Mutual consideration means placing the needs and happiness of another on equal footing with personal well-being and concerns.

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Strong relationships are built on the foundation of mutual happiness and shared long-term goals.

Shared responsibility means different things depending on the relationship.This collective responsibility fosters a shared effectiveness in both working and personal relationships.Both partners should act in accordance with what they think and say.Manipulating a partner by using shame or down-talking can be considered an aspect of an unhealthy relationship because of the negative impact to the partner's self-esteem.Control issues are also sometimes aspects of an unhealthy relationship and can involve one partner trying to isolate another from friends or family.

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Respect involves listening to the other person in a non-judgmental manner and valuing her for her opinion.

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