Christian books about dating for teenagers

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What’s vitally important is not which – but rather, to not opt for Pharisaical rules but find Biblical principles.

These books have been carefully selected from many writings on the topic, to point families to the resources that are solidly biblical in their approach to boy-girl relationships and which will help them prepare for a long and solid marriage.

First around in 1979, Love Come Softly has become a beloved classic with over one million copies sold.

A generation of readers has laughed and wept and rejoiced with Marty and Clark Davis whose tragic circumstances threw them together on the frontier prairies of the 1800s. Our oldest son has never loved reading like his mother; yet when introduced to Christian books for teens that addressed his interests, he enjoyed them.

I pray that if you pick up one of these books that they will be as helpful and encouraging to you as they have been monumental to me.

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When I first started reading them, I felt some change, but I was bull-headed.

Many times they stir up questions in her about love, dating, friendship, etc.

But when an arsonist begins targeting his district, his shift, his friends, Jack faces the ultimate challenge: protecting the lady who saw the arsonist before she pays an even higher price.

Twilight By Kristen Heitzmann / Bethany Laurie thought she'd never return to her hometown, but she was wrong.

Now a single mother, she must begin again in the village where she grew up---and face Cal, the man she rejected. But how long can he deny his love---and Laurie suppress secrets from her past? The Justice Riders, Justice Riders Series #1 By Chuck Norris, Ken Abraham & Aaron Norris / B & H Publishing Group Legendary action hero Norris presents a straight-shooting page-turner guaranteed to please fans---and anybody with a heart for the American West! I have been extremely thankful that there are now quality, God-honoring Christian books for teens in the genre of fantasy and science fiction books now!

In The Justice Riders, dangerous outlaws pursue devilish dreams of fortune and their faith-filled opponents: unsung Civil War heroes bent on bringing justice to places that have none. He also enjoyed Frank Perretti's Christian books for teens which are full of suspense.

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Therefore, we have experienced the blessing of a wide range of topics in the Christian books for teens that we've read.

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