Community college puente a validating model of education

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Community college puente a validating model of education

The review synthesizes recent scholarly and grey literature on military learner demographics and attributes, college experiences, and academic outcomes against a backdrop of conceptual frameworks addressing adult transition theory, learner persistence, and institutional responsiveness. The relationship of academic and social integration to veterans’ educational persistence (Doctoral dissteration).

Military learner demographics and academic risk profiles are most similar to nontraditional, first generation learners, although military learners face additional challenges associated with service-connected injuries and disabilities. Course correction: using analytics to predict course success. Retrieved from Proquest Dissertations and Theses Open database Barry, A.

Like other nontraditional learners juggling work, family, and academic responsibilities, military learners have become increasingly reliant on online learning. In Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge (pp.

Intersecting community memberships, role identities, and commitments often complicate the transition to college and perceived sense of fit, a finding more pronounced in studies involving military learners attending campuses predominately serving traditional students. Going the distance: Online education in the United States, Babson Survey Research Group.

Whenever possible, affirm students as being capable of college-level work.

Indicate to students that what they know and the backgrounds they bring are as important as what others know and bring to college.“What is going to be my legacy?

The dominant thrust of much of the scholarship examining the transition to college for students comes from Tinto’s Theory of Student Departure and research using the Student Adaptation to College Questionnaire (SACQ).

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Source: National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education (2004)Out of every 100 ninth graders:68 graduate from high school40 immediately enter college27 are still enrolled in their sophomore year Only 18 complete any postsecondary education within 6 years of graduating from high school100Elementary school students 48Drop out of high school52Graduate from high school31Enroll in college20Attend community college11Attend a four-year institution2Transfer to a4-year institution10Graduate from college Latino/a Educational Attainment4Earn a graduate degree Validation, when it is administered early in the student’s transition to college, and consistently throughout the college experience, may be the key to helping students get involved and believing they can learn and achieve their goals.

A few studies have suggested that institutional support systems for military learners, such as offering customized services and courses online, contributed to learner satisfaction and persistence. Changing the Course: Ten Years of Tracking Online Education in the United States, 2012.

A growing number of institutions have adopted military-friendly approaches to program and service delivery since the enactment of the Post-9/11 GI Bill in 2008. Confirming these findings requires additional quantitative empirical research with larger and more precisely defined population samples.

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As technology continues to blur previously sharp distinctions between face-to-face and online learning, the next wave of military learner research must focus on military learner retention models encompassing multiple learning modes and delivery methods, institutional student supports needed to enhance success, understanding military learner paths through multiple institutions, and population samples that provide generalizable information about military learners.

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