Consolidating cubase 4

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Consolidating cubase 4

In the exported file, the current-time indicator retains its original position if it is within the duration of the sequence.

Otherwise, the plug-in places the current-time indicator at the end of the Avid Media Composer sequence.

Avid Media Composer does not have an equivalent to Motion Effect for audio.

If the speed change makes the audio clip longer than the source media, the plug-in stretches the audio clip to the same length as the rest of the source media.

The plug-in converts video clip speed changes (slow, fast, reverse playback) to the Avid Media Composer Motion Effect, which is the only supported effect.

Clip speed applied to nested sequences is also converted.

Ensure that the project you want to export conforms to general AAF specifications and is compatible with an Avid Media Composer product.

Consider each of the following: The plug-in fully supports these elements of a project.

The plug-in converts clip markers to segment markers in Avid Media Composer.

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To share data between Final Cut Pro X and Premiere Pro, you can also use a third-party tool called "Xto7." For more information on using this tool, see the Xto CC tutorial.

If you have created a Premiere Pro project using a newer version of Premiere Pro but your trial version has expired, you can still open the newer files using your existing version.

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This format is the most widely accepted and most robust of the EDL formats. EDLs interpret the merged clip sequence track items in the same way they currently do for separate audio and audio clips that are used together in the sequence at the same time locations.

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