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Consolidating data multiple workbooks excel

(They can change the values to anything in columns E-I [in the 2nd workbook, I've changed values in columns E and G], they can add/remove rows, [in the 2nd workbook, I've added row 42 "Denny's-Pizza Hut...], etc) I have to go and download the base workbook at the end of every week and then compare line by line and update the master with any changes.

This can be very tedious as there are over 300 lines to the original file.

Also you should never use activate, select, copy or paste in your script.

Display Alerts = True End Sub Rethink your approach. You are referring to a named range "Whole Print Area" which doesn't exist.

In this case, I have made it very simple for you and the data consist of a column with a product number (column A) and a column with a product name (column B).

What we want is for the data to be consolidated in one spreadsheet consisting of three columns.

Bold = True 'Copying data from only used cells of Sheet1 This Workbook.

Copy 'Pasting the data of Sheet1 into the new workbook Destination Book.

Like I said, I found a similar problem, but the solution was to use cell by cell comparisons.

Add ' Open a new workbook Set wb New = Active Workbook On Error Resume Next For Each sh In wb.

Paste Special (xl Values) End With Next End Sub Sub New WBand Paste Special ALLSheets() Dim wb As Workbook Dim wb New As Workbook Dim sh As Worksheet Dim sh New As Worksheet Set wb = This Workbook Workbooks. Copy 'add new sheet into new workbook with the same name With wb New.

Notice how Master has the different cells highlighted in red.

Thanks in advance for the help, and let me know if you need further clarification.

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