Consolidating federal stafford student loans updating a house

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Consolidating federal stafford student loans

Are you tired of making multiple student loan payments each and every month?At Lending Tree, we understand it can be difficult and time-consuming to keep track of all your different student loan payments.A student loan consolidation takes the borrowers loans and combines all the loans into one new loan with one lender, and one weighted average interest rate.This removes the burden from the borrower of trying to keep track of many different loans, with different lenders, balances, and interest rates.There is no cost to applying for a consolidation if you plan on applying on your own through the Department of Education.

Like a fixed rate mortgage, this means your interest rate stays the same, keeping your monthly payment amount consistent.The loan types which qualify for a consolidation are: Generally, you can apply for a consolidation once you have graduated from school, or have left school, or have dropped below 6 credits per semester.Your student loans would need to show that they are not in “FULL TIME” status, and must be in repayment.To determine if consolidation is right for you estimate your savings with our student loan consolidation calculator.Get Started Now If you have multiple student loans from the federal government, then it’s likely you make multiple payments to various lenders.

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Understanding all the benefits will help you make a good financial decision.