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Consolidating library itunes 11

Find the art using Google or the search engine of your choice.Open the image in your browser and keep the window open next to i Tunes. If dragging doesn't work, you can save the image to your desktop and then double-click the blank Artwork box to select a local file.All those apps and media you have purchased and downloaded over the years pile and clog up your Mac’s precious storage.But with one-terabyte external hard drives retailing for less than on Amazon, there are no excuses not to spring for external storage to move that humongous i Tunes library of yours on.I have a number of reggae compilations, which greatly add to my reggae genre shuffle, but all of those artists with only a song or two to their name in my collection clog up my library and make it difficult to browse by artist.Thankfully, there is a way to clean up your artist list without needing to change the artist metadata for each track on a compilation to something inaccurate or vague. On the Options tab, select Yes for "Part of a compilation." I have found that sometimes i Tunes treats each track of a compilation as its own album, which scatters each track throughout the Album view because it's organized by artist name.

This way, if two duplicates feature different bit rates, you can remove the the lesser of the two.

For example, some albums I perceive as reggae get categorized as World, so I will change them to Reggae for my reggae-genre-shuffling enjoyment.

Genres in i Tunes are selected via a pull-down menu and many are similar to one another.

I don't listen to enough alternative and punk music to have a genre for Alternative and another for Alternative & Punk.

So, when I import an album and i Tunes classifies it as Alternative & Punk, I change it to Alternative. Same for the Electronic, Electronica, and Electronica/Dance genre choices and the Country and Country & Folk genres.

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The accuracy of a track's metadata depends on how you imported the track to i Tunes.