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Coral dating

During this period, scientists have a narrow window of opportunity to perform gene editing when the egg and sperm have just met, but before the newly formed embryos start dividing.Retrieving newly fertilised coral eggs from the sea is difficult, but Dr Cleve worked with a team of reef experts from Australia who understood the rhythms of coral reproduction.Korolevu, on the banks of the Sigatoka River, is the birthplace of tourism in Fiji, with the Korolevu Beach Hotel first opening in the 1950s.

The ‘stopping bus’ does exactly what it says picking up whoever waves them down from the side of the road, although there are also express services available.

Together they obtained enough samples to experiment with, and proceeded to modify three genes in a proof-of-principle study that they hope will help scientists understand and conserve corals more effectively. The new research comes at a time of great concern for the world’s coral.

Heatwaves wiped out nearly a third of the Great Barrier Reef’s corals in 2016, as the rising temperatures caused them to bleach.

As the whole Coral Coast is just one to two hours from Nadi, most resorts offer transfers to the international airport. Transport in Coral Coast Most restaurants on the Coral Coast can be found at resorts, but the markets and eateries around Korotogo and Sigatoka town are great places to sample the local flavours.

The Sigatoka Valley is known as ‘Fiji’s salad bowl,’ so a weekend trip to the markets is a must if you want to stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables.

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