Courtship in america dating in the 20th century

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I merely mean to show the transformation from rigid courting constraints in previous centuries to the freer form of dating that the 20th century allowed. “Calling Cards and Money.” In (Broadway Books, 2007).

Coney Island amusement park exemplifies this change.

The lack of eligible men did force many women into the work force and for some women took away the potential to have the comforts and stability of married life.

According to Drew Gilpin Faust in her book , “the carnage of civil war suddenly forced women across the South to contemplate spending…perhaps the whole of their lives outside the protections and intimacies of marriage—to be women without men.”[iv] Thus, the Civil War changed the way women thought about courtship, making the Reconstruction era unique in its concept of forcing women to be more independent of men. Chapel Hill, NC: University of North Carolina Press, 1996.

An example of this freedom lies in the notion of courtship, and through the image below, I will illustrate this point. Fuller captures the increasing freedom that women were able to enjoy.[ii] Bicycling was a popular pastime of the Gilded Age youth and it was an easy way for men and women to see court each other.[iii] It can be argued that bicycles even helped them in their courtships because the bike provided a faster and popular way for them to escape to see one another.

As the author of the article “Southern women and the bicycle” says, “Bicycles gave women more freedom than they had traditionally had — including, as this illustration shows, the freedom to conduct a courtship out of the watch of their parents.”[iv] This image captures the concept of how courtship and the bicycle were related.

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Couples flocked to Coney Island because it allowed them more freedom and privacy.

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