Cuban dating etiquette

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Cuban dating etiquette

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Dancing is an amazing away to create cross-cultural connections.

Rueda is a synchronized, improvised couples’ dance, similar to a square dance from the US South.

One person chooses to be the caller, and yells out moves that are well-known to the rest of the group. The beauty of Cuban salsa is that you can jump in to a group of ten dancers, all from different countries, none of whom you know, and together, instantly create a beautiful, synchronized dance choreography. In New York City, I joined an extensive community of Rueda enthusiasts, who organized outdoor dancing events in Central Park and even an annual, day-long “Ruedathon” with flash mobs at 26 spots across the city.

It is flexible, and doesn’t necessitate strict form or styling.

For these reasons, it attracts a wide community of ages, backgrounds, and abilities.

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Southwest, Sun Country, and United will operate a combined 155 flights, which will be rolled out between now and January. For the latest news, check out the webpage of the U. Alaska Airlines But that’s not the only way to get to Cuba.