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Daughters who feel a stronger emotional connection to their fathers are less likely to be depressed or have an eating disorder.In one such study, published in Perspectives in Psychiatric Care, all of the anorexia patients’ fathers had become less accessible during their adolescence.“They give their daughters a sense of strength and a huge amount of self-confidence.

Body Image Research has proven that fathers who are involved in their daughters’ lives can play a pivotal role in preventing eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia.

The birth of a baby boy brings joy untold to his parents.

His father has been able to bring him into the world which is a great sign that he has not lost his manhood.

Fathers need to talk to their girls about uncomfortable subjects like sex and dating because they can have a huge influence on their daughters’ behavior.”A study published in 2010 in The American Journal of Family Therapy supports Meeker’s assertion.

It states: “Girls’ interactions with their fathers during their formative years may be important predictors of their later intimate and sexual interactions with male peers.

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And as new studies emerge, it’s becoming clearer just how deeply the father-daughter relationship can affect a woman throughout her life in a variety of ways, including self-confidence, body image, education, career, and romantic relationships.1.