Dating 50 cent

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Dating 50 cent

he just went along with press reports because it sounded good.

He filed for bankruptcy in 2015 and after a long two-year case his legal woes were discharged in February after he paid back more than million.

The rapper declared the bank notes he flaunted on Instagram were actually fake.

He's teased a "dark turn" for his character after sharing a photo of what appeared to show his character Kanan standing over an unconscious Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr) in the boot of his car.

Season 4 had barely ended before the network began teasing the next season of its most popular show, which is set to air on 1 July this year. He has previously called acting "the biggest escape possible" and noted: "[It] gives me the chance to break out of being me, to explore other parts of myself." Recently 50 Cent was also forced to admit he isn't actually a bitcoin millionaire...

Apart from his bankruptcy woes, 50 Cent's Connecticut mansion was swarmed with cops in May after a burglar forced his way onto the 17 acre property.

The break-in left the rapper more amused than upset, however, sharing online that he didn't even know he still owned the multi-million dollar home.

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Now showcasing that his finances are back on track, 50 Cent displayed his latest extravagant purchase, a custom Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupé while cruising around New York City on Tuesday.

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