Dating a mentally challenged person

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Dating a mentally challenged person

It depends on the severity of the mental retardation and how long I've known the person.So for example, if my pretend wife got in a horrible accident and was left mentally disabled, I wouldn't walk out on her.Whether the disability is visible or not can also be a factor when dating.The hurdles people face are both physical (a lack of access) and social (a lack of awareness and acceptance).I don't want that to sound elitist, but I'd like to be able to hold a good and insightful conversation with if the girl is what i imagine when i think "mentally challenged", then no. I find it ignorant how many comments there are with a straight "no' answer.but there was this girl that went to my school and she got in a bad car accident that made her brain messed up and she like had trouble walking, basically she had enough wrong with her so that she needed a caregiver to always be with her. There are hundreds of mental illnesses and MOST have nothing to do with how smart or dumb you are. But serious retardation, that's a tough one, and if I dump her I look bad.

Note: If you have had a dream related to this dream symbol or would like to add something that is related to this topic please leave comment below.And if your drunk too, you think you'd really notice? But if I do and cant stand it, then no, wouldn't even think about it.I would not date her if I dont find everything about her as attractive, which is possible, cause I like everything about my girlfriend. Because, like, I know an autistic dude and he seems cool enough.If you mean something like down syndrome than certainly not. If your talking about ADHD, than yes ADHD is in fact a very mild form of autism. I was just giving an example of severe and un-severe mental illnesses.I could handle light personality disorders or dating a complete airhead, but a person diagnosed as mentally challenged... I've done community service for these people for years, and they're incredibly nice, but not the kind of people I'd want to start a relationship with.

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Hint, most of the people that comment here have mental illnessess : ) . But I don't care about looking bad, I'll probabaly just want to bang her. For a one night stand, I wouldn't care as long as she can take me too her apartment alone.