Dating a single mom books who is maria mitchell dating in real life

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Dating a single mom books

A friend returned from a conference of single mothers by choice, fired up and empowered. ” she said, as if she’d found her secret, hidden tribe—and I realized that I could, too.I didn’t necessarily want to separate having a child from finding a partner.It’s when we turn towards painful or uncomfortable feelings that alchemy happens.As a psychologist, the most amazing thing I have discovered about emotions is that when felt and met with love, they have a beginning, middle, and end.” Men would run the other way, no doubt intuiting the somewhat impersonal nature of my interest in them as progeny bearers.I bought a statue of the Hindu deity Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and abundance, and started doing little rituals to her.“But this is the only time I can have a baby.” I started reading the few books that existed on becoming a single mother by choice.

“People partner up at all stages of life,” I told myself.

“I’m just single.” I had driven an hour and half from my home in northern California to a cheaper fertility clinic for the maddeningly expensive medical procedures I was about to undergo in an attempt to get pregnant—and the receptionist had just informed me that it was unlikely my insurance would cover them unless I could prove a fertility problem. Where was the insurance coverage for those of us who were just doing it on our own?

At 39, I was among the countless women who hadn’t managed to have the right relationship, at the right time to start a family.

Even my terror, when I faced it with enough tenderness and patience, turned into something else: an unwavering determination, focus, and the resolute conviction that my child would come to me, whatever the means.

It might cost more money, or take longer than I wanted. I now had a new dream: to be financially stable and professionally fulfilled, have a healthy and happy child, and find lasting love after his or her birth.

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I lit a candle every day, burned incense, and offered her gourmet jelly beans that reminded me of fetuses.