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Dating acronyms cd

Acronym ASEM is OK for use in headlines and later reference.

Across the river lies the Friendship Bridge of China and North Korea, which links the Chinese port city of Dandong to Sinuiju in North Korea. See numerals Wrong: 40 degrees C, -10 C Right: 40 C, minus 10 C Use contractions in preference to abbreviations in headlines in order to avoid periods as much as possible. Use the word minus, not a minus sign for temperatures below zero.(Democratic People's Republic of Korea) for North Korea, etc. English translation: AIDS, HIV Do not spell out unless there is some compelling reason to do so. air force Use lower case as generic term unless it is part of a proper noun: Incheon International Airport, Gimpo International Airport, Gimhae International Airport, Jeju International Airport, Daegu International Airport, Gwangju International Airport, Cheongju International Airport, Yangyang International Airport, Muan International Airport. government - gov’t, international- int’l, quarter - qtr, national- nat’l, association - ass’n, executive - exec, headquarters -hq, Commonwealth - C’wealth, dollar - dlr, dollars - dlrs, million - mln, billion - bln, trillion - tln composed by late composer Ahn Eak-tai in 1936, has been used as the official South Korean national anthem since 1948 when the Republic of Korea, the country’s official name, was founded.

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It currently is orbiting the Earth at an average altitude of 685 kilometers.