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Ocular melanoma, also known as uveal melanoma, is a very rare type of cancer.Each year, only 2,500 people — or about 5 in 1 million — receive a diagnosis with this type of eye cancer.Mark Mc Williams, a 19 graduate of Auburn University, received a diagnosis of OM in 2011 at the age of 38.

However, people may spot warning signs of the cancer as it grows.Eleven years later, in 2012, another woman with connections to Auburn and the same dorm joined their circle.While these three women bonded and helped one another through the ups and downs of the disease, across town and unbeknownst to them, another Auburn alum was fighting his own OM battle.The couple, who met as part of a supper club, started dating after his initial diagnosis.“He knew there was something weird about the vision in the right eye.

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A year earlier, she told, Allred was sent a prayer request for an Auburn alum — and a woman who had lived in the same dorm as she during their freshman and sophomore years at the school — who had been diagnosed with this same rare cancer.

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