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Moreover: the chance that you will find an identical watermark, from the same paper mill and the same time, is very, very little.

I'm working on a bequest of prints made by the Austrian artist Hugo Henneberg who died in 1918 and was best known for his photographs.

Voici la description qu'il fait de ces filigranes, et l'explication qu'il donne au fait que ces deux filigranes soient runis sur le mme document : "Berlioz most frequently used the paper marked with a bell and the letters HP.

These initials were associated in the seventeenth century with the merchant H.

The Van der Ley started to add the monogram shortly before 1750, according to Voorn (p. Please don not expect to much from watermarks for dating your maps; indeed paper was often used several years after production and the dates given in the handbooks are the dates found on official documents in archives, not production dates.

That is why we are trying to appeal for some help towards the specialist community.

We would need to know more about the VDL paper maker (Van der Leyde?

(See pics) The question is whether one of those papers could have only been produced a f t e r 1918 or whether all could have been used by Henneberg himself (thus before 1918) or whether one is especially characteristic for the time between 19.

I have been working on a condition report of a 16th century watercolor album and found some leaves have clear watermarks. Unfortunately I am not an expert on identifying watermarks so I would like to get your advice on the subject.

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One a bit thicker that shows only chain wires and no laid wires are detectable (sample2).