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Say this because previous GF's continued accordingly, didn't really get that vibe from her That was f'ing long, but feel free to weigh, and at least hopefully slightly entertaining for a morning read. Because we don't get weekends, unless you count the occasional consecutive Monday-Tuesday off.2. Just let us have our say about this pub's incorrect glass-polishing technique, and how they're doing their beer-to-head ratio wrong. 3--Most of 'em aren't looking for a longterm relationship.Chick bartenders either do it cuz they like it, especially the ego-scratching "being on stage" part of it, or cuz they like to mess around and party. So bottom line, who here - NOT in college (although if you are, please feel free to share any exciting hook-up stories w/ slut bag bartenders, although I'm going to guess right off the bat you're lying, but that's OK long as it's entertaining) - works on avg. Simply, if you dated a bartender chick, did it blow, no more draining than a normal chick or decently awesome while lasted? She'd fairly easily be in the top 3 hottest chicks I've dated thus far (already in top 5 for hookup). I thought her boobs were fake at first because they looked so awesome, but they're definitely not3.And, would you recommend for or against, and few reasons why based on experience. She claims to really never do drugs, and her BFF/rommie verified this to a 3rd, think I'd unintentionally piss her off a lot for no reason3.

We're practically therapists after having listened to Jim the regular bang on about his involuntary redundancy for the last six months.

I casually dated a striper once for a little less than 3 weeks, and they're f***ing psycho to the nth degree. bartenders would be somewhere around n less 2 to n less 3 on the psychotic chick meter2.

Granted I said she wasn't stupid, but can see getting frequently annoyed by her simplistic view on sh*t vs my hyper critical and analytical bent on pretty much everything in personal conversation.

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Before I tell you what my experience about them has been, I gotta preface it by saying that there are, of course exceptions to any person in any profession.