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Pretty girls are haughty self-esteem killers Forget girls who 'don't know how to have fun'Don't be pushy or a pushover Older brothers are awesome Dad is creepy Mom is creepier Hot dogs are the best date food If at first you don't succeed...

The hardest thing about having a crush is when you have to come to the realization that you need to get over him or her.

There are better opportunities out there, and the more time you spend on this guy, the more it will bring you down.

Source: Shutter Stock If you and your crush have been doing some weird on-and-off or friends with benefits type thing for a while, seriously ask yourself if the relationship is going anywhere. Chances are, he's not interested, but doesn't know how to deal with it. Source: Shutter Stock If it's been a while and things haven't gone your way, you've probably turned down other things for this guy.

The team has parsed its questions down to the really important aspects of attraction and compatibility.

e Harmony’s match algorithm is a trade secret honed by years of introductions and successes.On average, e Harmony is responsible for 542 marriages a day in the US — or roughly 2% of all new marriages.The most difficult part about joining e Harmony is the lengthy signup process. Creating a profile on e Harmony takes a long time (about 30 minutes) to complete because you have to get through a flurry of questions — though not as many as you used to.New members also describe their perfect match’s ideal age range and location, and then provide basic information regarding relationship status, education, income level, and drinking habits.These answers will be visible on the profile, but the answers to the compatibility quiz will not.

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Source: Shutter Stock Any guy who is mean to you is so not worth your time and energy.

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