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Reforms have thus provided for recognition of untitled private property and the creation of local land offices.Although the 2005 Land Law originally envisioned the possibility of a joint land certificate, the form has now been changed so as to provide space for the wife’s name.Sexual orientation and gender identity are not issues that are discussed in the country; public attitudes can vary between approval and violent opposition, in particular towards transgender sex workers.Further, according to the World Economic Forum in 2010, Madagascar has achieved gender parity in primary and secondary school enrolment, indicating no preferential treatment of sons with respect to access to education.Early and forced marriages remain, however, a concern.The 2008 data from the UN reports that 39.9% of girls age 15-19 were married, divorced or widowed, up from the 27% reported in the 2003-2004 survey.

Women may, by law, initiate divorce, and a divorcing wife usually receives half of joint assets, although customary law usually prevails in rural areas and males are given the advantage in divorce and child practice it remains important to pass down the father’s name and estate through male heirs.To this end, the law allows heirs to agree that male heirs will receive the land, while female heirs will receive their share in the form of immovable and productive assets.The 2008-2009 DHS found that overall 23% of women, at the time of the survey were using a modern form of contraception.It is legal for two persons of the same sex to have sexual intercourse as long as they are 21 years old.

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A small portion of marriages is polygamous in Madagascar.