Dating guide lines

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Dating guide lines

Invites the Executive Heads of other international and regional agencies to take into account these Guidelines and Targets in the planning and conduct of elements of their programmes that have bearing on agricultural adjustment; 4.

Requests the Director-General to undertake an analysis of progress in the achievement of the agreed objectives and policies of international agricultural adjustment on the basis of these revised and updated Guidelines and Targets and to prepare assessments of this progress for consideration at future Sessions of the Conference.

Special attention should be given to development of agricultural extension at the level of the people concerned.

The required action lies both with developed and with developing countries.

Substantial increases in agricultural research, national, regional and international should be paralleled by special efforts to increase efficiency in the use of resources and to improve existing technologies.

The international community should support measures to provide agricultural inputs, especially fertilizer, improved seeds and supplies of pesticides, and efforts to prevent post-harvest losses.

Within the framework of national development strategies, countries should set operational goals for the improvement of food consumption patterns for all socio-economic groups and for the gradual elimination of malnutrition.

GUIDELINE 3 Developing countries should give priority in accordance with their national plans to the adaptation of institutional frameworks and farming structures which would allow wider and more equitable access by the vast majority of rural masses, including the landless peasants and small farmers, to: and to provide appropriate price policy and other incentives for expanded production and optimum use of inputs of available and suitable technology.

GUIDELINE 4 National policies for agricultural and rural development should encourage full and effective participation of rural people in decision-making, implementation and evaluation of the process of agrarian reform and rural development through promotion of rural organizations, including rural workers' associations and cooperatives, and through strengthening of local government.

Importing countries should avoid arbitrary disruption of emerging trade opportunities and of existing trade.

Exporting countries should restrain to the maximum extent possible the use of export subsidies and similar measures which might hamper trade, particularly of developing countries.

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