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The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) issued the guidance in the early hours of Wednesday morning following political tensions in the African country.

Zimbabwe’s military have detained Finance Minister Ignatius Chombo after seizing power in an attempt to root out “criminals” around President Robert Mugabe who it said were causing social and economic suffering, a government source said.

Another video of military tanks on the move in Zimbabwe.

In this one, someone says “the army are backing Mnangagwa” in Shona at the end of the video.

Eyewitnesses said military vehicles were also blocking major roads outside the city, with the ruling ZANU-PF party, led by Mr Mugabe, accusing the head of the army, General Constantino Chiwenga, of “treasonable conduct”.

It was not clear whether the commander still had his post.

State broadcaster Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation read out part of the ruling party statement late in the nightly news, which was led by a report on regional tourism, but refrained from publishing General Chiwenga’s statement. Y6TOdey — Doug Coltart ✊🏽🇿🇼 (@Doug Coltart) November 14, 2017was unable to verify where the military vehicles were travelling to and for what purpose.

Earlier in the day, ZANU Youth League accused the military chief of subverting the constitution.

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