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So lets make an opportunity out of this legal framework. Step 1 is to audit the organisation core activities toward data protection requirements and compliance.Broad overview of operations shall emcompass DP principles recognized under Directive 1995 and reinforced under GDPR: • Transparency of data collection • Purpose limitation and further processing • Personal data quality • Privacy culture • Security of data both internal and external threats to consider • Data breach response plan • Ensuring effective rights of Data Subject and defined remedies Step 2 – Define a plan and personal data flow mapping Following the readiness assessment, we need to develop a gap analysis and define a plan to address issues prioritized considering possible risks involved toward level of effort and available resources.

Management shall be informed and supporting this project especially if different department are involved and/or located in different MS countries.

IT will be a natural source for data recoveries request by employees.

To achieve full compliance additional budget will be required • List the initiative of competitors and public bodies action to support GDPR implementation.

Key messaging strategies will be helpful to make the case for this GDPR project: Change of attitude of employees toward data protection as required under GDPR scheme will be obtained with awarness campaign hold thoughout the organisation (Our data vs DS personal data).

Training of Data Privacy Impact Assessment methodology where required.

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