Dating in schuylkill county pa

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Dating in schuylkill county pa

The Dorrington family, which came from Bristol, intermarried with the earliest Thomas Fisher family of Maryland. In 1655, James Bonner paid transportation for his son James Bonner, Walter Bartlett, John Bradshaw, and William Fisher.Fisher wills of Bristol reflect names common to the Maryland Fishers. The Bonner land was about 6 miles up the Rappahannock on the south side.Its main tributaries in New York are the Mongaup and Neversink rivers; in Pennsylvania, the Lehigh and Schuylkill rivers; and in New Jersey, the Musconetcong and Maurice rivers.Major cities along the Delaware include Port Jervis (N.

The records do not say much about the origins of any of the early Maryland Fishers. In April of 1679, John Fisher was master of the ship “Maryland Merchant,” which lay at anchor in St. In 1656 Thomas Fisher married Sarah Dorrington, daughter of William Dorrington who had come in 1650 from Bristol to Calvert County and then settled on the eastern shore, in Dorchester County.

The earliest family founders were named Thomas, William, Edward and John. They came almost every year, numbering over 30 arrivals by 1682.

This study includes a proposed solution to the long-standing mystery of the origins of Thomas Fisher of Chester County, Pennsylvania, who married Elizabeth Huntley in 1713. Most of them had their passage paid in return for terms of 4 to 7 years or more of service on the plantations.

Surnames mentioned include Dorrington, Frisby, Brown, Robinson, Rawlings, Willis, Winsloe, Winsmore, Pitt, Griffin, Frazier, Fishbourne, and many others. Fisher: Descendants and Ancestors of Cephas Fisher Jr. The earliest Fishers came to Somerset County on the lower eastern shore, abutting the peninsular Accomac County, Virginia. Mary’s, the provincial capitol of Maryland founded in 1634, was just across the bay on the western shore.

(1812-1895), LDS Film 2055284 Item 16 The Francis Standfield Family of Colonial Pennsylvania, LDS Film 2055284 Item 13 The Samuel Stanfield Family of Colonial Pennsylvania, LDS Film 2055331 Item 1 The William Huntley Family of Colonial Pennsylvania, LDS Film 2055284 Item 14 A Fisher Family Album (A History in Pictures) LDS Film 2055284 Item 15 500 Brinkley Drive Wimberley, Texas 78676 April 2000 Contents Chapter Page I. Some of the Maryland Fishers moved in from Virginia, where there were numerous Fisher arrivals beginning as early as 1635. He named brothers John of Portbury, glover, James of Stoke, and Edward of the city of Bristol; a sister Elizabeth Buff--, and a neice Marie, daughter of John Fisher.

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