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Dating in the dark recap 7 27

Amber is enamored with Teddy’s boxing belts, and he comments the ones displayed are replicas and offers to show them the real ones. Carisi worries to Benson and Fin that if they go downstairs he will lose sight of them, but Fin assures him they still have visual on Rollins’ cam.Rollins walks in with Hawkins, and Amber is amazed at the place and his boxing awards.He tells her she has the face of an angel and a body for sin. He asks her to stretch a little, and she giggles and lays back. Benson and Fin continue to observe from the camera feed.While Rollins stands in the background, he tells Amber to sit, asking how old is she again? He says she is so young, asking if she ever thinks about modeling. He suggests she open her blouse a little more, and she complies.Teddy offers “Crystal” and “Amber” long island ice teas and when Amber asks if she needs an ID, he says not when she is with Teddy.While they drink, we can see that Rollins’ necklace includes a camera and Fin and Benson can observe and record.Yet Hank, the slime ball that he is, is initially more worried about saving his own guilty skin.Somewhat predictably, he attempts suicide, and Pippa finds him in time, saving Hank’s sorry life.

Hank’s wife – revealed as SVU favorite Pippa Cox – is now on shaky ground with her job and their children must live with the shame and embarrassment for years to come.

Benson and Fin are monitoring nearby, and when Benson worries if “Amber” knows what she is doing as she looks young, Fin explains Amber is from the academy and that Rollins prepped her and primed Teddy.

Fin radios to Carisi, asking if he “has eyes” and Carisi says he thinks Teddy is not wasting any time.

Playing out in the background were interesting stories for the main cast as well.

Sergeant Dodds is still recovering from his gunshot wound, and his father, the Deputy Chief, was putting pressure on him to take a position with the joint terrorism task force.

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He moves to undo his belt and asks her to get on her knees.