Dating love azgd hebrew

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Dating love azgd hebrew

This is why my dictionary may also serve as a preliminary work for an ety- mological dictionary of the Semitic languages themselves.

In all etymological dictionaries we frequently come across such words as are declared to be 'of unknown origin', even in cases when the etymology of such words can be established beyond any doubt.

Most etymological dictionaries do not pay enough attention to this circumstance and there- fore cite equivalents from the kindred languages quite at random, often enumerating the less important ones but omitting such as had a decisive influence upon the form of the word treated or upon the development of its meaning.

Blessed be the Eternal Who granted me life and sustenance and permitted me to write and complete this etymological dictionary, whose first volume is just leaving the press.

This dictionary is a modest tribute of my devotion to Canada, the country whose citizen I am proud to be, the country in which the spirit of the Bible has dominion from Sea to Sea, the coun- try in which the Human Rights are a happy, living reality, a reality called upon to serve as a shining example to mankind.

In this dictionary the words of Semitic origin — about 750 in number — are fully analyzed : they are traced to their etyma, the cognates are given, the stem is distinguished from the prefixes and suffixes added to it, etc.

In brief: the words of Semitic origin are treated exactly as the Indo- European words.

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