Dating older self conscience speed dating leeds uk

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Dating older self conscience

For women like this, radiance is an expression of her whole being. There is a vibrancy, radiance and aliveness I see in women who take care of themselves. I can’t help but soften around women who seem to actively embrace beauty, including their own.

It’s a lot of fun to discover all the different ways we connect. While these women know that they are more than a body they still realise that the well-being of their body is utterly essential to fulfilling their deepest potential in life. They tend to eat healthy, organic and whole foods, sleep enough and exercise sustainably. I love the woman who can get naturally high from life, nature and good company. Women like this walk with a lightness, joy, and gratitude for this planet we live on.

Worried about what you'd look like after squeezing into last year's bathing suit?

These women support, empower and inspire each other to be their very best. To stay in one place, in everything we already know, is to stagnate and conscious women do not stagnate.

I have felt incredibly privileged to meet a lot of conscious women lately.

This, however, is not meant as a list for them or anyone else to be a measure of their desirability. Life is a dynamic state of ever-expanding awareness and absolute perfection is an illusion.

Going for a walk with a woman can be a journey into the little details of the world around me. I feel inspired by women that see the beauty of the world without being naive.

When I’m with a woman like this, I can’t help but feel as beautiful as she sees me, and all those around her. These women are aware of the problems the planet is facing and care in a way that it determines most of their life choices.

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