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If she doesn't, call her again a couple of days later.

Don't Expose Your Negatives When talking about yourself, keep it positive.

Here you will be taught not only how to approach and meet women (and how to get more dates), but also how to become a happier, more confident and more attractive version of yourself.

Nationally recognised dating coach Chris Manak has over a decade of experience, and will coach you side-by-side to better success with women and in dating.

The Marriage Zone Most men – average men – can only begin enjoying life at age 29 the way women do at age 19 because it takes them that long to gain the resources women find attractive.The pickup artist will point out a feature of another person they deem 'negative', but frame the insult as a compliment: "The hair on your upper lift is really soft", for instance. Or, "I like that you don't dress as flashy as your friends". The woman, sub-consciously uncomfortable the man has pointed out a 'flaw', feels like she has to work for his approval. Insecure people deflect compliments by asking, "Really? " or by listing reasons they don't deserve the compliment.Secure people accept praise gracefully and without ado. Use it within 48 hours or you'll look either scared or stupid for resorting to high-school mind games. Manage the cold call as you would a business call."Executives are action-oriented, gathering information and wasting no time in getting a project started.

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"They're more selective in their partner choice because they can afford to reprioritize."Truth is, she wouldn't be dating you if she didn't at least want to think you're a catch.

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