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Posted by / 21-Jun-2020 16:02

Approximately 20 per cent of the people who have taken the test, have passed it.

I'm aiming for the top 15 per cent of the population, and since people with high IQ’s are more likely to take the test than people with low IQ’s, I believe it’s close to what I was aiming for.

Supposedly, this test is “culture fair” so various ethnicities can approach the test equally, no language skills required.

staffers (myself and colleague Chris Hogg) took the test and failed, we wondered if the IQ test would block users interested in joining the site.

Digital Journal — Do you prefer reading Sartre over Danielle Steel?

We spoke to another individual who took the Intelligent test, and she admitted she failed this test, despite having passed a Mensa test.

It’s too early to say if the site’s IQ test is flawed, but it's obvious elitism is the name of the game for specialized dating sites like this one.

Do conversations about television and sports bore you to tears?

Do you enjoy long walks along philosophy’s theoretical pathways?

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