Dating start with goal setting

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Dating start with goal setting

Eventually, I softened and started to warm up to the possibility of being in a relationship. He was really cute, really sweet, had a good job, and seemed pretty much perfect for me.I liked him a lot at first, well a lot in relation to how much I was capable of liking anyone at that point which wasn’t really that much.I was terrified to let my guard down, who knew what kind of feelings and emotions would take hold if I did? Not surprisingly, the relationship soon fell apart.

I fidgeted and gave him some story about how I didn’t like to use labels and the topic was dropped.I’ve been there, my friends have been there, and it’s so frustrating and makes zero sense.I mean, you’re with this guy, you’re spending a lot of time together, you are in a relationship in every single way except for the fact that you’re not technically in a relationship.While all this was happening, I couldn’t help but think back to previous relationships where I acted exactly like D.It made me cringe thinking back to how confused and desparate I felt and how I would badger the guy in hopes of getting what I wanted. Well for me, being an official couple meant that someday we’d have to have an official breakup and I just didn’t want to open the door for anything heavy or emotional to enter my life when I was still in a pretty fragile state.

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I felt very uncomfortable and resentful, not to mention furious with myself for caving in which I couldn’t undo, and it just got very ugly from there.

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