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Dating torelating

In the past, the personalities of everyone were less individualistic.

The growth of the availability of media and choice in the world has fueled each of us taking our own paths to more independent thinking, and as a result individual personalities.

When it comes to meeting women, most only give you information that works in one situation or with one type of girl. Then NONE of them tell you what to do afer you meet a girl. To give guys information that is useful across situations and with different types of girls.

How to turn a phone number into a girlfriend or a realtionship or a wife. I show you how to qualify women for relationships and I show you how to meet them and close 80-90% of the qualified women you meet NO MATTER WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE or HOW OLD YOU ARE!!

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We had the concern that it was being pushed because of commercial incentives, rather than due to the quality of the advice.Unfortunately, the good stuff is hidden within a lot of bad advice that would confuse beginners. And these are often underestimated in dating advice, especially where it concerns relationship skills advice. In Dating to Relating the author begins by discussing the weaknesses of other dating authors' products, and telling you why his is better.Scattered throughout the book are some useful concepts that I really appreciated - examples are "negative sex talk" and "creating future". He tells you that 'women are different' and that all the other dating gurus' methods and systems don't take this into account. Vin Di Carlo has a product that also takes different women personalities into account named Pandora's Box.NO, it is NOT a numberd game…you really know what you are doing…..But that is MY OPINION of what you guys need and want.

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People were a lot more straightforward for many reasons and it was easier to differentiate yourself.

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