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Dating within fraternity

In that spirit, I have lots of appreciation for the Mi AKAs, who just want to be accepted and celebrated for who and what they are, and also support the AKAs when they can.However, I also believe that this rouge Mi AKA chapter would probably blaze more trails, if they would, to fighting for inclusion of our GLBT brothers and sisters into these organizations, help the existing black LGBT Greek letter organizations establish more chapters on black college campuses as well as take their rightful place among the Divine Nine.In fact, I would be more sympathetic and willing to side with them if these were transgendered women.But to claim homophobia, or even gender discrimination against a sorority doesn’t quite jive with me.

This is less about discrimination than it is about appropriation, peppered in with a little misogyny.

This policy should probably be a part of the fraternity constitution.

If a brother breaks a policy, then the repercussions should be stated clearly.

Mi AKA Inc., acts as a support auxiliary for the sorority, much in the same way that Alpha Angels Inc., Omega GEMS, Kappa Sweethearts, Sigma Rhomeos Inc., Delta BEUAX Inc.

and so on work to support those fraternities and sororities.

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The reality of a male-centered society is that women do not have a significant political or social identity or existence outside of the realm of what men have decided as appropriate definitions and actions of women.