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"Linda" (beautiful), they will often blurt out, with infatuation and fervor.

It is almost as if it’s in their DNA to flatter women; they just can't help it.

He would rave about how beautiful he found me to be, send me romantic song lyrics and just weeks after we started dating, he told me he loved me.

From then on, he made sure to remind me of that constantly.

Every man has a secret fantasy about a sleeping with a Brazileira.

If a Brazilian finds a girl beautiful, he will tell her.

So, American guys, listen up: While the Brazilian society is far from perfect, there are definitely a few things that you could all stand to learn from your South American counterparts when it comes to wooing a girl. One thing I love about Brazilian guys is that they don’t beat around the bush.

Irresistible lure aside, after spending nine months in Brazil, I came to really appreciate certain facets of romance and dating there that tend to be lackluster stateside.

There is just something about them that always seems to pull me in -- can you blame me?

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They really seem to know exactly what to say to make a girl feel special, like she is the only girl who exists.

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